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India Records Academy Certifies World Record title to Varanasi District Administration for Most Participants in a Quiz Contest at Multiple Locations

Varanasi, India, April 19, 2023: The Varanasi District Administration, Government of Uttar Pradesh, has achieved a world record certified by the India Records Academy for the maximum number of participants in a quiz contest at multiple locations. The record-breaking quiz contest was held on April 13, 2023, and focused on “India’s Presidency in the G20 Summit – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. The event was held at the same time in all the institutions within the geographical limitations of the Varanasi District. The Varanasi District Administration has entered the record books for the title “Maximum Participants in a Quiz Contest at Multiple Locations,” and this feat was certified by the India Records Academy.

The Varanasi District Administration organized the quiz contest at 794 different venues across the district, with a total of 124565 participants. The quiz questions were related to India’s presidency in the G20 summit and covered various topics, including international trade, the global economy, and sustainable development.

Kaushal Raj Sharma, Commissioner- Varanasi Division, stated that the quiz contest organized by the Varanasi District Administration was a fitting tribute to India’s leadership in hosting the G20 summit. It demonstrated the country’s commitment to educating its citizens about international affairs and promoting global citizenship. The quiz questions focused on key issues discussed during the summit, such as climate change, sustainable development, and global trade, and encouraged participants to engage with these issues in a meaningful way, he further added I appreciate all the participants for competing in this contest.

S.Rajalingam, District Magistrate-Varanasi, detailed that the event was meticulously planned and executed, with the aim of creating awareness and promoting interest in international affairs among the citizens of the district. The quiz contest was open to all age groups at the school level, and participants from various backgrounds took part in the event. He further said, I congratulate the participants and the winners for being a part of this historical event.

Himanush Nagpal, Chief Development Officer-Varanasi, pointed out that India’s presidency in the G20 summit was a historic moment for the country, as it assumed the leadership of the group of 20 major economies in 2022. As the host nation, India played a crucial role in setting the agenda and guiding the discussions of the summit, which was attended by leaders from around the world. In order to educate and impart India’s role and leadership globally, this quiz contest was organized by our district administration. He further appreciated the efforts of all the stakeholders of this distinct event.

P. Jeganathan, Senior Records Manager-India Records Academy, stated that the record-breaking event was conducted under the strict supervision of the India Records Academy, and they ensured that all rules and regulations were followed, and the results were validated. Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the need for collective action to tackle global challenges such as climate change, economic inequality, and the COVID-19 pandemic. He also highlighted India’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and building resilient economies. This quiz contest motivated all the young minds to learn about such issues and India’s presidency in sorting out the barriers towards global development, and we are very proud to certify this as a world record, he further added.

Deepak Madhok, Chairman-Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions, pointed out that the achievement of this world record is a proud moment for Varanasi District Administration, Government of Uttar Pradesh, and India as a whole. It highlights the country’s efforts to promote knowledge and education among its citizens and sets an example for others to follow. The quiz contest also serves as a reminder of the importance of engaging with global issues and working towards a better future for all, he further detailed.

Amrita Burman, Deputy Director-Sunbeam Group, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to the Varanasi District Administration for organizing this unique event that helped inculcate a sense of global citizenship among the participants. She further added that such initiatives are instrumental in shaping the future generation and building a better tomorrow.

The quiz contest received overwhelming support and positive feedback from the public, with many lauding the district administration’s initiative and congratulating the participants on their achievement. The District Administration appreciated the efforts of Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions for their support and coordination for the successful accomplishment of the world record. This event has not only broken a world record, but it has also fostered a sense of pride and enthusiasm among the citizens of Varanasi and beyond.

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